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Social Media Experience Seminar

TRENDS: Social Media on the Rise!  What it Is, How it Looks
and Why You Need It

Social Media Terminology
    By Marilynn Mika Spencer

State of Social Media & Networking: 2011
    By Eugene Lee

State of the Media: The Social Media Report, Third Quarter 2011
    By The Nielsen Company

Top Mobile Internet Trends, February 2011
    By Mary Meeker and Matt Murphy/Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Ten Questions Internet Execs Should Ask & Answer
    By Scott Devitt, Mary Meeker and Liang Wu

WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK: The Ethics of Social Media

Should Judges Use Social Networking Sites?
The Daily Record, December 20, 2010
    By Nicole Black

Should Lawyers Use Groupon to Offer Discounts?
The Daily Record, January 31, 2011
    By Nicole Black

California Ethics Committee on Social Media Mining
The Daily Record, July 18, 2011
    By Nicole Black

ABA Further Examines Lawyer Ethics, Technology
The Daily Record, July 25, 2011
    By Nicole Black

Should Lawyers Offer Prizes to Use Social Media?
The Daily Record, August 15, 2011
    By Nicole Black

TAKING A GOOD, LONG LOOK: Investigation via Social Media

Sample Voir Dire Questions on Juror’s Internet and Social Media Usage
    By Sonia Chopra

Complaint for Compensatory and Punitive Damages and for
Injunctive Relief re Invasion of Privacy
    By Toni Jaramilla

Deposition Subpoena to Google for Production of Business Records
    By Toni Jaramilla

Protecting Plaintiffs from Sexual Conduct Discovery
    By Douglas N. Silverstein and Michael G. Jacob

Sample Letter to Clients Regarding Social Media
    By Douglas N. Silverstein

Sample Letter to Clients Regarding Closing Social Media Accounts
    By Douglas N. Silverstein

TRICKY BUSINESS: Privacy as a Sword and a Shield

Terminated for Facebook Postings Actionable?
    By Toni Jaramilla
A Look at Sexual Privacy Issues and Social Networking Websites
    By Douglas N. Silverstein and Michael G. Jacob

Emerging Issues in Social Media & the Workplace
    By Adam S. Forman

Thoughts and Considerations for Attorneys Representing Employees
Regarding Emerging Issues in Social Media and the Workplace
    By Brian E. Koncius

The Social Network at Work: Issues Raised by Social Networking
in Labor Law
    By Steven K. Ury

MORE THAN BUSINESS AS USUAL! Marketing through Social Media

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