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CELA Sponsored Legislation


Protecting the Right to Request Reasonable Accommodation for Disability and Religion 

AB 987 (Levine) would amend the Fair Employment and Housing Act under the religious accommodation and disability accommodation provisions (Gov Code § 12940(l) and (m), respectively) to clarify that an employer cannot retaliate or otherwise discriminate against a person for requesting a reasonable accommodation.  Co-sponsors:  Church State Council.  Click here to view our fact sheet.


Strengthening Whistleblower Protections for Health Care Workers 

AB 474 (Brown) would provide workers in long-term care facilities with the same whistleblower retaliation protections as are provided for workers in 24-hour acute care facilities. This bill would ensure that health care workers in all facilities providing licensed care to patients are well protected against retaliation for reporting unsafe patient care or conditions.  Co-sponsors:  Conference of California Bar Associations.   Click here to view our fact sheet.


Ensuring Equal Pay 

SB 358 (Jackson) would strengthen the state's existing equal pay laws by eliminating loopholes that prevent effective enforcement and by empowering employees to discuss pay without fear of retaliation.  Co-sponsors:  Equal Rights Advocates, Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center.  Click here to view our fact sheet.

AB 1354 (Dodd) would create a framework through which state contractors submit summary data on the compensation of their employees, including information on gender and race, to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.  Co-sponsors:  Equal Rights Advocates.  Click here to view our fact sheet.

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